At times there is one dance that stops the room! The INSPIRATION Award will be given to the piece and its dancers that energized, captivated, and inspired the audience and judges most! The recipients will win a complimentary entree to bring another masterpiece here at HEAT for the following year!


This extremely special award is chosen by our entire HEAT team at the end of each event. The studio that receives this award has continuously shown us and everybody around them, grace, gratefulness, and true sportsmanship throughout the entire weekend. These dancers are not just talented, but are truly the whole package!  The director of the awarded studio will receive a set of free HEAT gear and a spa gift certificate to take a much needed, and deserved, break! 


Our judges and directors handpick a routine from each age division which brought true artistry and creativity to the stage. These dancers, especially their choreographer, were chosen by the judges because of their innate and beautiful talents. All of the dancers selected for the choreography award will be asked to perform again at our closing ceremony.


The PROFESSIONALISM Award is given to the studio that showed outstanding professionalism from the registration process to the closing ceremony. The dancers, teachers and directors were organized, punctual, and simply a delight! The entire selected studio will be invited to participate in a virtual private industry forum with one of our faculty members, where they will be equipped with new skills to help advance their dance careers. 


 Being chosen for our HEAT FORCE COMPANY is a huge honor. Our HEAT team hand selected dancers that stood out not only for their technique, but for their individuality, style, and presence.  Selected dancers will be included in an exclusive class and rehearsal with one of our faculty members and be highlighted in our opening and closing ceremonies the following year.